Worry-Free Purchase Guarantees

12 Month / Unlimited Mile Warranty


All internally lubricated components and balance shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, crankshaft pulley, cylinder heads, engine block, engine mounts, engine oil reservoir, engine oil reservoir pump, equipment drive shaft, exhaust manifolds, flexplate, flywheel, idler pulley, intake manifold, oil pan, oil pressure switch, oil pump, oil sending unit, piston, seals and gaskets, supercharger, supercharger intercooler, tensioners, timing belt, timing chain, timing cover, timing gears, turbo intercooler, turbo wastegate, turbocharger, valve covers, water pump, rotary engine components including: apex seal, bearings, eccentric shaft, rotor.


Transfer case components (all internally lubricated components and hoses, lines and tubes), seals and gaskets, shift linkage, solenoids, torque converter, transfer/transmission case, transmission mounts, vacuum modulator.


Transfer case components (all internally lubricated components) and clutch master cylinder, clutch release, cylinder, gears, and shafts, hoses, lines and tubes, seals and gaskets, shift linkage and cables, transfer/transmission case, transmission mounts.


Hybrid vehicle generator assembly, Hybrid vehicle motor assembly, Hybrid vehicle transaxle assembly, transmission damper assembly.


Front, rear, four-wheel and all-wheel drive. All internally lubricated components and 4×4 axles and bearings, center support bearing, constant velocity joints and boots, drive axle housing, drive shaft hoses, leading hoses, seals and gaskets, thrust washers, universal joint coupling.


500 Below offers warranty upgrades from 90 days to 48 months.

†See Dealer for Details

Trade-In Guarantee


When you are ready to upgrade your vehicle purchased from us, we offer a guaranteed trade-in program.


After as little as 8 months of ownership, you may trade in your vehicle purchased at 500 Below and receive a guaranteed trade-in credit towards your new purchase here at 500 Below.


50% of principal payments made on your existing contract during the eligible trade-in period will be credited towards your next purchase of another vehicle purchased at 500 Below.

†See dealer for details. Owner may be charged for excessive wear based on dealers specifications and generally accepted standards for normal use. Excessive wear and tear includes but is not limited to: damaged glass, damaged body panels, lights, fenders, paint, dysfunctional accessories, extremely worn tire tread, any damage to the interior, and any mechanical damage that interferes with the safe and lawful operation of the vehicle.

CARFAX Vehicle History


CARFAX is the leader in vehicle history reporting since 1986.


CARFAX reports on all aspects of the vehicle history gathered from millions of dealers, independent shops and many others across the United States and Canada.


500 Below has a certified CARFAX report on all vehicles sold by us. In addition, we also perform an 80-point inspection on all vehicles ensuring our customers have a worry-free purchase.

†See Dealer for CARFAX and inspection report copies.

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