What to look for in a commuter car

What to look for in a commuter car?

What to look for in a commuter car?

What to look for in a commuter car

Having a car is essential for daily commuters. If you are one of the daily commuters, you are well-aware of the importance of having a vehicle. According to the statistics, daily commuter travels almost 25 miles one way, which is 50 miles by the time the day is complete.

As you can see, it is essential to choose a reliable commuter car. If you are planning on purchasing a commuter car for yourself, you must spend time and make the right decision. Do not know how to do that? Well, we have you covered with a list of factors that are crucial to consider when purchasing a commuter car.

Fuel Economy

When you have to drive every day, you must consider the fuel economy. The fuel economy plays a significant deciding factor when purchasing a commuter car if your wallet is your primary concern. If you get stuck in traffic daily and have to drive long distances to reach your workplace, fuel economy is not something that you can overlook. The perfect commuter car sips the fuel and lets you fill the tank without breaking the bank. One may compromise on the aesthetics, but the fuel performance is a non-negotiable factor.


A daily commuter spends a lot of time in the car, especially when the distance is long. When the situation demands you to sit and drive in a car for a long time, it is best to consider the factor of comfort when choosing the perfect commuter car. A steering wheel that is at an uncomfortable distance from your body, cramped seats, uncomfortable seatbelts is some of the factors that can make driving miserable. The right approach to check whether a car is comfortable for you or not is to sit in the vehicle you wish to buy and adjust everything according to your body. After you sit for a few minutes, you will have an idea about the level of comfort the vehicle offers.
When you are testing the comfort of the vehicle, you should evaluate the seat support. Check if the seat is cushioned well and supports your back comfortably. You should also check to the following:

  • If your feet can easily reach the floor pedals without struggling.
  • If the steering wheel is distanced perfectly or adjustable. 
  • If the headrest is providing the necessary support or adjustable.


When it comes to safe driving, evaluating a vehicle’s visibility score is one of the fundamentals of purchasing a commuter car. It is essential to check if you can see in all directions without any obstructions. Any blind spots in the vehicle that limit your visibility is a sign that the car is not right for you. It is a factor not to avoid even if there are cameras and sensors to aid visibility. Eyes are the only reliable source when driving, and anything that limits it is not an option to consider.

The Handling

The next factor to consider is the handling quality of a vehicle. Handling is another factor that concerns the safety of the driver. If the car is not easy to handle, dropping it from your list is the right thing to do. When test driving the vehicle, check how difficult the handling is when driving around corners and how difficult it is to park the car. We recommend going for a car where the steering offers reliable handling. Overlooking the handling could put your life in danger.


New car models that are pouring out every day are featuring fantastic technology. GPS, smartphone connection, and much more. The cars now come with fully functional entertainment systems that can make your drive full of fun ( like loud music sing-alongs). These controls are not just making your life easier but are making the vehicle safer. For instance, the voice-activated Bluetooth smartphone connection keeps your hands on the steering wheel and the information you need. You can also answer calls and listen to texts while keeping both your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. The electronic buttons and sliders are also adding convenience in your life. Make sure you choose a car that, if not all, offers some of these modern features.


The next in line is the power of the engine. A powerful engine lies on the flipside of fuel economy but is an essential factor for many when buying the perfect commuter car. It has a significant impact on a car’s performance and contributes to making a ride entirely safe. Choosing an underpowered vehicle makes it difficult to accelerate the vehicle when the situation demands, and you may also face difficulty in traveling up a hill. Therefore, if your commuting route includes going uphill, choosing a car with a powerful engine must be your priority.

The Exterior

Love driving cars with a grand exterior? Well, a car with a huge exterior is not the right choice as a commuter car. The ideal commuter vehicle must feature a compact exterior. A small exterior makes it easy to handle, adds convenience while parking, and is more fuel-efficient as compared to an oversized vehicle. You do not have to choose a tiny car or a smaller sedan model, and a smaller SUV is still a viable a good option.

The best option for commuting is carpooling and public transport. It helps you save money and keeps your vehicle in good condition. If these options are not working for you due to circumstances, it is best to purchase a commuter vehicle. Make sure that you assess and evaluate the car based on all these factors.

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