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Top Buy Here Pay Here Dealership In Houston

When you are looking for a top Buy Here Pay Here Dealership in Houston, Texas, what’s the first thing you look for? Is it the cost or the type of car? Or perhaps, both? 

We understand that buying a car can be a daunting process. As the car you buy is a significant investment that should be researched thoroughly. We recommend researching the cost of the vehicle, the monthly payment of the vehicle, the dealership reputation (check google reviews), and most importantly a dealership that is willing to work with you. 

With that being said we know there are a lot of options when it comes to Buy Here Pay Here dealerships in Houston so we understand that different companies at times can fit a particular need better than we can.  However, if you are looking for the overall Top Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership in Houston we would of course recommend ourselves at 500 Below Cars.  In our honest opinion, we are the Top Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Houston. 

Hear me out, we are quickly growing with three locations at the time of this writing with plans to add more stores. However, we plan to grow by offering the best customer service, working with our customers, offering transparent pricing, offering great vehicles with even better warranties. We understand the best way to grow is to keep our customers at the heart of our services. Let’s dive in and look at what puts 500 Below Cars at the Top of Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships in Houston. 

Quality Used Vehicles

First, we do NOT sell water cars or rebuilt titles. Our vehicle acquisition team is focused on only acquiring quality vehicles. All of our vehicles must pass an 80-point vehicle inspection before going on our lot. We even offer a carfax report on our vehicles to eliminate any stress or concerns.  We are not in the business of selling “hooptie cars”. We are here to ensure a pleasant transaction for all of our customers. 

Flexible Financing

At 500 below cars, we ensure to provide you with several benefits through our Buy Here Pay Here Deals. We have some of the most flexible finance terms in Houston with the ability to work with our customers. Our goal is to provide you with a finance option that works with your overall budget. Our rates are competitive in the industry. We try to give you every reason to get the car you have always wanted with us.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike other dealerships where you never truly know your monthly payment until it arrives in the mail, we keep it simple. We arrange our vehicle inventory and our bills in the same way, by the monthly payment. Once you pick a vehicle you will only be charged $300, $400, $500, or $500+ a month depending on which vehicle you select. Basically, we organize the cars by monthly price. So for example, if you say, “I can afford a $400/Mo car” then we show you all the cars that qualify. If you end up making that purchase you know you will only be charged $400 a month. Easy Peasy.

Vehicle Warranty

Once you purchase a car from 500 Below Cars we don’t leave you out to dry if any problems sprout up. We ensure our customer service reaches beyond the point of the sale with our 12-month unlimited mile warranty. We do this to eliminate as much stress as possible in purchasing a used car from 500 Below Cars.  We are looking to capture a customer for life not a one-off sale, so it is in our best interest to be here and help our customers through any problems they may have. 

Quality Used Car Dealership

We understand that not all Buy Here, Pay Here dealerships are created equal and that a lot of them can have “loose” standards. Welp, you will not find that culture at 500 Below Cars.  All of our team members go through extensive training and understand the value of each customer. Our ride guides also understand that everyone can fall on hard times, which is why our financing branch of the company does everything they can to offer some type of deal to everyone before they leave our dealership. 

Lifetime Upgrade Program

Once you purchase a vehicle from us you are automatically enrolled in our lifetime upgrade program. Once you have owned a vehicle for 12 months you may trade in your vehicle purchased at 500 Below Cars and receive a guaranteed trade-in credit towards your new purchase here at 500 Below Cars. 50% of principal payments made on your existing contract during the eligible trade-in period will be credited towards your next purchase of another vehicle purchased at 500 Below. 

Special Offers

We are consistently marking vehicles on special. At any given time you can find a vehicle marked down. You can also often catch us with a low down payment special or launching a giveaway offer. 

Referral Credits

Another one of our policies that we take pride in is our referral program. Long story short, you can get credit on your payment for referring another customer to 500 Below Cars! 

So here is how our friend-referral discounts work. When you refer us to your friend, they get to make monthly payments for their car at quite low rates. These rates can be as low as $300, $400 and $500. Surprised already? Well, we are not done yet. Once your friend buys the car, you receive $200 as a beneficiary return for the referral you made. So, it is a win-win situation for you and your friend, and in return, we get loyal customers like you.

Trade-In Your Car

Looking to get rid of a current vehicle while making a purchase? Then consider our vehicle trade-in program at any of our store locations.  The process is simple and fast! You can trade-in your vehicle without wasting any of your time.  With our time-efficient process, we save time and offer you quality, value, and the competitive edge you don’t get from any other Buy Here Pay Here Deals.

All in All

There you have it, 500 Below Cars is the Top Buy Here Pay Here dealership to buy your next car from.  Our deals and services are some of the best in town backed by our worry-free guarantees.  So don’t waste any more time and schedule an appointment today at 500 below cars and get the vehicle you need today. 

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