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SUVs With Best MPG

There is no question that SUVs are getting more popular every year. They are not just the perfect family ride but also suitable for making an incredible style statement. For decades, SUVs have been dominating the automobile industry, and with time these rides are getting more improved in terms of tech features and incredible fuel efficiency.

But which SUVs have the best MPGs? We crunched some numbers and came up with the most SUVs to buy in 2020. These SUVs have been shortlisted after carefully reviewing each class. Keep in mind that these rides might not be the best picks in their given categories, and the list primarily focuses on the MPG numbers.

When it comes to SUVs, some brands immediately come to mind like Chevrolet, Nissan, and Hyundai, but they have some competition in the fuel efficiency department from brands like Toyota and Ford, which are offer better MPG at the moment.

1. Nissan Kicks

Nissan Kicks
2020 Nissan Kicks. Photo Credit Car And Driver

The 2020 Nissan Kicks is the perfect number one pick for our list and an ideal choice for all our introvert friends. Think about it; not everyone wants to spend time at the gas station and socialize for fun. Some of us don’t want to blend in with the crowd.

The Kicks has one of the best gas mileage than any other non-electrified SUVs currently available in the market. It also comes at a very low price. Given its look and design, this ride outperforms all its competitors and is one of the most in-demand SUVs in 2020.

Miles Per Gallon

  • 31 city miles per gallon
  • 36 highway miles per gallon

2. Lexus UX 200

Lexus UX
Lexus UX. Photo Credit Cars US News

Our second pick is the 2020 Lexus UX 200. This ride has two main features incredible mileage, which is why it made the list, and exceptional comfort. The Lexus UX 200 is a luxury ride and is the direct competitor of the Nissan Kicks. However, it fell short because of the purchase price. But this is a Lexus, so we can all agree that it’s a luxury ride with a stylish interior that we all love and cherish. This car also has some fantastic tech features like Apple CarPlay, WiFi Hotspot ad Android Auto. It also has traffic sign recognition, and lane trace helps ensure you are always centered in your lane.

Miles Per Gallon

  • 29 city miles per gallon
  • 37 highway miles per gallon

3. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V. Photo Credit Edmunds

Families looking for a small SUV and don’t want any fuss or fuel issues should look at the 2020 Honda CR-V. It is an incredible compact SUV with excellent fuel economy. Honda CR-V may not have the sportiest or sexiest look like the Mazda CX-5, but it is an exceptionally well-rounded ride. It has a versatile and well-packaged interior that meets the expectations of most crossover buyers. Honda CR-V is fuel-efficient, comfortable, and very spacious – in short, the perfect family car. This car is also very spacious, so if you more than two kids, this car can handle that like it was nothing.

Miles Per Gallon

  • 28 city miles per gallon
  • 34 highway miles per gallon

4. Lexus NX 300h

Lexus NX 300H
Lexus NX 300H. Photo Credit MotorTrend

Another Lexus on our list is the Lexus NX 300h. You must have heard about the ultra-popular Lexus RX – The Lexus NX 300h is like its little brother. A small, highly fuel-efficient SUV is worth checking out. Despite the smaller size, Lexus NX has a spacious backseat. The quality of material used in this car and the abundance of standard tech make this ride an ideal choice for people not looking to buy a big car.

Miles Per Gallon

  • 33 city miles per gallon
  • 30 highway miles per gallon

5. Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot
Honda Pilot. Photo Credit Car And Driver

The Honda Pilot was redesigned in 2016 and is one of the most in-demand three-row crossovers. The pilot is easy to drive daily, easy to get in and out of. This car has exceptional passenger seating offering a comfortable and quiet driving experience. It has impressive fuel efficiency, and unlike other SUVs, it doesn’t have any teething issues.

Miles Per Gallon

  • 20 city miles per gallon
  • 27 highway miles per gallon

6. Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Suburban
Chevrolet Suburban. Photo Credit Motor Trend

The Chevrolet Suburban is one of the few SUV model lines that is still going strong in 2020 as demand for space never dies. The Chevy Suburban has definitely seen many things from WWII all the way to the Vietnam War. Since one of our biggest gripes is the Suburban’s poor fuel economy, it is worth noting that the 6.2-liter V-8 version returned 23 mpg highway, two mpg more than the cheaper 5.3-liter option. Like the Tahoe and Yukon, a redesigned Suburban is expected to arrive next year with independent rear suspension and a diesel engine option. It doesn’t matter if you buy a brand new model or an old one; this car never fails to deliver.

Miles Per Gallon

  • 16 city miles per gallon
  • 20 highway miles per gallon

7. Ford Escape Hybrid

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape. Photo Credit Autoblog

The 2020 Ford Escape is a fully redesigned hybrid, and it’s making waves around the industry. The hybrid version has been absent in the market for the longest time, but it’s back with a better look and high fuel efficiency. This ride is known for its incredible acceleration, power, comfortable seating, roomy interior, and easy-to-use controls. The ride also has some minor shortfalls like less cargo space than its competition and a not so impressive climate control system.

Miles Per Gallon

  • 43 city miles per gallon
  • 37 highway miles per gallon

8. Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

2020 Subaru Crosstrek
2020 Subaru Crosstrek. Photo Credit Edmunds

The 2020 Subaru Crosstech Hybrid is an impressive SUV with exceptional mileage and a spacious interior. If the thought of the occasional off-road adventure sounds fun, but you don’t have the budget for a traditional off-road-biased SUV, the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid might just be for you. With standard all-wheel drive, something Subaru is famous for, and a standard 8.7 inches of ground clearance, the Crosstrek can scramble its way up and down obstacles that would stymie other small crossover SUVs.

Miles Per Gallon


There you have it, the best of the best SUV with excellent MPGs you should buy in 2020. These rides are worth every penny and will maintain a high standard for you to stand-out everywhere. Didn’t find what you are looking for? Then check out Best Used Hybrid Cars, Best Used Pickup Trucks, or Best High MPG Cars Of 2020. If you are looking for an exceptional ride for yourself, then contact us at 500 Below Cars. We can definitely make your dream a reality for you. With a wide selection of some of the best used cars at our disposal, we make sure you always get what you want at the right price.

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