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Should I sell my old car or fix it?

Should I sell my old car or fix it? Often this is a question many of us ask having continuous trouble with our current vehicle.

The following blog will help you to clear those doubts and guide you to make the right decision.

We all know the pros of having a vehicle and being able to avoid public transport or many taxi/uber costs. However, when your car begins to have present and continuous failures, it becomes a problem. Eating up time taking it into the mechanic, paying the high cost and the back and forth can be draining. If you find yourself on the verge of bringing your vehicle in for some repairs, it may be easier on the pocketbook to trade your vehicle in at 500 Below Cars.

Here are 14 tips to help decide if you should sell your vehicle or fix it up!


Changes in your daily routine:

Adding a new family member causing the need for more space.
If you land a new job that requires long distant traveling, then it is time to get another vehicle.

Safeguarding your safety:

Even if you do not perceive it that way, an old vehicle can put your safety at risk, along with your family and citizens in general. A car that exceeds 10 or 12 years old with a lot of wear and tear can be a risk.

Repairs and maintenance costs:

If your vehicle requires constant repairs and special maintenance, it is time to consider a change. Take a look a look at your account and see how much money you have spent on repairing your vehicle. If it is the considerably high amount, the most advisable for your savings is to opt for a change. You can get a vehicle for as low as $300 a month at 500 Below Cars.

Consider the prices of new cars:

Take a look at the costs of new vehicles and compare prices. If the cost of repairs to your current car is much lower than these prices, then you should consider keeping your existing vehicle. On the contrary, if these costs are the same or even higher, it is better to change your car.

Define the price of the current vehicle:

It is advisable to make an assessment of your car and take into account if the cost of repairs reaches at least 50% of its value if so it will be a wise decision to replace it. You can use the Kelly Blue Book to make an assessment.

Fuel consumption:

Commonly, fuel costs are very high. The older the engine, the more fuel it will need. If this aspect represents a very high cost, keep in mind that new engines do not usually consume so much fuel.


The laws that regulate the care of the environment can fine car owners who are polluting. The emission of these gases is usually a common problem with very old cars. If you identify this aspect, consider replacing your car.

Know the useful lifetime:

The mileage is a factor that can indicate if it is time to make a change. What is estimated by some specialists in the automotive industry is that when a vehicle hits 198,838 miles, the wear and tear are present and the best to make a change to make is getting another vehicle.


There is no denying that there are uncomfortable cars. If your seats, your system, your backups, your air conditioning, etc., are in good condition, there is no problem. Just keep in mind how much time you spend in your vehicle and how comfortable you want to be.

Resale option:

If you plan to sell your car to buy a new one, do not wait for it to reach a very advanced mileage or present serious faults. It is better to negotiate it in the current conditions to obtain a good profit. Be sure to check out 500 Below Cars trade-in program.

Shortage of spare parts:

Old cars often lack a stable market for spare parts. If your mechanic hardly manages the repair every time, it is best to consider buying another car that does not present these difficulties.

Personal preferences:

Why not? Changing a car for a new one can also obey the need for a change that makes us feel better. If you have been interested in a new car and have the possibility of getting another one, then do it and enjoy that pleasure.

Frequent faults:

It is better to write down in a notebook how many times a month, even a week, you take your car for repair. In this way, you can make an objective assessment and decide if it is worthwhile to continue maintaining a car that causes so much inconvenience.

Interesting offers:

If you see an interesting offer that allows you to buy a new car, do not miss it. Every day the automotive costs rise, and you cannot predict when can you have another promotional offer.

The above factors are decisive for you to make the most accurate decision. Everything will depend on your needs and possibilities. Do not get carried away by a momentary emotion, changing or maintaining a car is an important decision, and one must consider all aspects before trading in an old car with a new one.

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