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How To Surprise Someone With A Car For Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, you are probably looking for ideas to wrap things in a box and gift it away to your loved ones. Christmas is a festive occasion, and no one should be left without presents. While there are several gift ideas you can take inspiration from – from the internet – we believe that surprising someone with a car undeniably tops the list of best gifts to give on Christmas. 

It is hard to beat one’s reaction when they realize they have just been gifted a vehicle!  However, we all know keeping a secret away from a family member or significant other is no easy task, making the element of surprise a cumbersome effort. To add to the difficulty you have to figure out what vehicle they even want without giving away the secret. Yep, it is hard to keep a secret when you blatantly ask them what they want.  The trick is to try and put yourself as the person receiving the gift shoes so that your own bias doesn’t control your buying decisions. 

1. Buying The Right Car For A Christmas Present

What’s the biggest mistake we make when buying a car? Perhaps, not focusing on the basics? When presenting a car to one of your loved ones as a surprise, it is crucial to make the right choice the first time. The truth is, you don’t want to spend a good amount of money on a vehicle and have the recipient disappointed in the results.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Does the person receiving the gift want a sedan, SUV, Truck or etc?  If safety is a concern you may consider getting a bigger vehicle, but keep in mind parking and being able to see in reverse. 
  • Does the person receiving the gift drive far? If so, MPG may be a bigger consideration. 
  • Does the person receiving the gift need luxury items? If so, you may want to upgrade to certain packages. They may be willing to take a lesser exterior look for a more filled out interior. 
  • Does the person receiving the gift have kids or carpool? This will help you realize if you need an accessible back seat or not. 

You can get a lot of the answers just by knowing the person. If you need to find more clarification you can take a peek at their social media profiles to see how they interact on a daily basis. Are taking adventures? Are they moving equipment? Are they driving downtown and back?  Once you start to answer these questions you will have a pretty good idea of what vehicle they need and will like. 

We also recommend bringing someone experienced in the automotive field to help you make the right choice. Someone who is savvy with car engines to the car’s primary technical functions.

That said, let’s get into the details of surprising your loved ones with a car as a Christmas present.

2. Keep Your Dealer in The Loop

One of the first things you must do is keep your car dealer in the loop. Let them know this is a surprise gift for Christmas. Your dealer is experienced in helping in these kinds of situations and can turn out to be quite helpful. 

We recommend asking them if they have a Christmas delivery service and if they can deliver on Christmas morning. Not all dealerships will be able to do this, but some car dealers may be willing to go the extra mile for you. If they can’t I am sure they are down to help you plan the execution of the surprise. 

3. Hide The Vehicle 

Assuming the car dealer is not able to deliver the vehicles on Christmas you will need to hide the vehicle from the recipient. If you don’t have a secondary house you could hide the vehicle at the following places: 

  • Family members house. Drop the vehicle off at a close relative’s until Christmas Eve. 
  • Storage yard. You could temporarily store the vehicle at the storage yard and pick it up on Christmas eve. 
  • Local park. If you live in a safe neighborhood you could leave the car at the dealership as long as possible and then park the vehicle at the local park until Christmas Eve. 

Regardless of where you end up storing the vehicle, you will need to pick it up the night before Christmas to have it parked in the driveway for Christmas morning. 

4. Escaping Christmas Eve 

Now getting the vehicle to the driveway the day before Christmas will be a task especially if it is for your significant other and you live together. You will need to Uber/Lyft or have a friend take you since you will need to drive the car back. 

Here are some ways to get the car in the driveway the night before Christmas:

  • Have a friend deliver it once the person receiving the gift is asleep. 
  • Outwait your significant other by telling them you are going to stay up wrapping gifts and then Uber/Lyft to get the surprise. 
  • Get the late night “munchies” and Uber/Lyft to get the vehicle. 

The common dominator in the “great escape” is you will need to wait until your significant other or the person receiving the gift is asleep. Buckle in, it is going to be a long night. 

4. How To Reveal The Gift

Now that you have everything else lined up it is time to think about how to conduct the great reveal. Depending on who is receiving the gift the techniques may change. 

If you are planning to gift the vehicle toa child in their late teens then here are few ways you can do this: 

  • Hide the keys in a pair of new socks and then wrap the socks in colorful wrapping paper and present it to them. To further add to the scene, you can give them an emotional speech of how you wanted to present them with something special but couldn’t.
  • You can have your significant other in on it and act like they just received the gift. While you have the family exploring it you can tell the teen to get in the driver’s seat and let them know it is really theirs. 

Now for ways to reveal a surprise Christmas vehicle for your significant other:

  • You can act like your purchased new gym equipment and you want to show them the new setup in the garage. Cover their eyes and walk them into the garage and to their surprise, it’s their vehicle. 
  • Wrap boxes inside of boxes until they get down to one final small box which houses the key to their new vehicle. 

You can make the reveal however you like. We are certain the person receiving a vehicle for Christmas will be happy no matter how it is presented. 

Bottom Line

‘Your special someone is in the garage now, and a four-motor-wheeled vehicle stands right in front of them. It is lavish – has the perfect engines, and is just the right model to revamp their mood for the many days to come. While they stand in awe of you, as you have commemorated their Christmas with your surprise, the outcomes have only strengthened your bond with them furthermore.’

If the scene above perfectly depicts your plan for this Christmas, make sure you consider the 500 below cars. The cars we have here are in the best condition, and you don’t want to miss out on any of them.

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