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How to Pimp A Used Car?

All car fanatics love MTV’s “Pimp My Car,” the 30-minute episode was arguably the best part of a car lover’s day! Dreaming of the day Xzibit, the rapper knocks on your front door and get your car pimped! Those were the days all car enthusiast miss!

Despite the show being over, you can still pimp out that mom-mobile vibe from used car you just bought!
If you want to stay in the game and want to ride around town in a dope custom ride, getting it pimped is the perfect solution!

Pimp My Ride Ready, Set, Go!

Are you excited to start pimping your car? How long have you waited for this moment? We are here to help you plan out this pimping of your ride! You do not want to mess it all up without having the appropriate checklist. Even Xzibit started his ride pimping with thorough inspections before handing the car over to the modification experts! Therefore, make sure you carefully plan it all out.
Here is a step-by-step approach that helps you proceed with the process smoothly!

Step 1: Planning and Strategizing

f you have decided that you want to get your car pimped, you must have a complete picture in your mind as to how you expect your car to look like by the end! Plan the overall final look you want to achieve. Evaluate each modification carefully and understand how it will affect the overall look of your car. Keep asking yourself a question, “will all these modifications complement each other?” it is an important question to ponder upon, as no one wants their vehicle to become a laughing stock of the road. The most important factors to consider when pre-planning your car’s look include;

Your Car’s Modification Potential

Every car’s potential to be modified is different. For newer model cars, ready-made mods are readily available in the market. While for older models, custom building is the only option.

Impact of Modifications on the Insurance

Some modifications that you are incorporating in your vehicle may impact the insurance. In case the insurance premiums go up. You can consult with your insurance provider to see what modifications are cost-prohibitive.

Legality of Modifications

Not all modifications are street legal. When planning to modify your ride, make sure that all changes comply with the local regulations. Researching aftermarket modification forums can offer great advice.

Car Modification Safety Tips

After all, modifications are incorporated, will it affect the safety of your vehicle? Safety is another critical factor that you need to consider, as you will never want to compromise your safety for some flash.

Step 2: The Cars Interior

The purpose of pimping the interior of your car is solely the comfort and satisfaction of the driver. Not many people will be able to see the modification, but it will be you who will enjoy it. By working on the interior aesthetics of a car and the comfort will make driving soothing and fun for you!
When working on the interior, there are key areas that you need to address, such as the seating, flooring, lighting, and the dash kit.

The Dash Kit

The dash kit of a used car is not always in the best condition. It is typically the first part of the car’s interior that is damaged. Make sure that you pay attention to the dash kit and get a newer and trendier one installed in your car. You can either go for a wood-grain look or a brushed-aluminum look. It depends on what you like and what complements the entire look of your car. Choose the colors, materials, and grain wisely! As the dash kit is the first thing, passengers see. You can see the top of line dash kits here

Car Seat Covers

The comfort of the seats plays a significant role in determining the quality of the drive. The right seats can make your ride entirely comfortable and smooth. A wrong choice and you can say hello to bad posture and back cramps. When it comes to seats, you have a variety of options from leather covers, cloth, or high-quality vinyl. Leather seems to be more expensive of the options, but if it doesn’t fit the vibe or budget, then opt for the one that suits your taste. You can get additional seating upgrades such as installed heaters/coolers, massagers, and gel cushioning to give you the driving throne you deserve. You can see the top aftermarket seat covers here

Interior Lighting

Enhance the interior of your car by installing neon lights. These lights elevate the look of your vehicle significantly in the dark. You can go to a party vibe, exotic look, or a romantic ambiance. Here are the top aftermarket interior lights.

Floor Mats

Beautify the interior of your car by covering the wear and tear by choosing floor mats. Floor mats not only give a clean look to the interior but even protects your car’s floor from stains, mud, and spills. There are some great American Made floor mat options such as Weather Tech.


Modifications in a car are not complete without adding gadgets. A GPS, classy car stereo supporting Bluetooth connectivity, video screens, a travel fridge for those who love traveling, and a power-cup invertor are the best options available!

Step 3: The Cars Exterior

With a classy exterior, you can impress the crowds! Therefore, when modifying your car, working on the exterior is essential! Make your car stand out with amazing modifications such as paint, headlights, rims, and much more!

Car Paint

A common problem in used cars is the faded paint and lost body shine. One way you can make your car stand out among the crowd is through painting and pinstriping. You can take care of the paint job yourself, or get an exotic and unique look by taking your car to a mod shop.

Car Headlights and Taillights

You can replace the headlights with projector headlamps. You can choose either black or chrome-housed headlamps. These will serve as a head-turner. Adding LED taillights is also a great option to enhance the exterior of your car.

The Vehicle Wheels

Wheels of your car have the potential to elevate the look of the car by so many levels, and the wrong choice can ruin the entire look. Make sure you choose cool rims that complement the overall look of your car. Make the wheels dazzle by incorporating chrome spinners.


A popular trend in the automotive mod industry are the wraps. The popularity of wraps has skyrocketed in the past few months. Make your car look grand by choosing the perfect wrap for your car!

The Final Touch

For the final touch to your vehicle, you can get your windows tinted. Moreover, you can also incorporate drill inserts, hood scoops, front air dams, bumper skirts, and much more!
Every car lover grows up with a dream to pimp their cars! Now is your time, impress the crowds, and make your car win the hearts of auto-lovers around by making smart modification choices!

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