How To Clean Your Car To Avoid Spreading A Virus
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How To Keep Your Car Clean To Avoid Spreading A Virus?

With the pandemic of the coronavirus and the flu stopping the flu virus transmission has become a top priority worldwide. It is time for everyone to take action and give these viruses a taste of their medicine (pun intended). If you think that viruses only spread from person to person and there is simply no other way for you to get sick – unfortunately, you couldn’t be more wrong. The current coronavirus can live on surfaces for two to three days.

Coupled with the surface life of the virus and with kids bringing home germs, public transit, social gatherings and so much more you can see how these viruses can make their way to your vehicle.  

So, what can you do to make sure you and your family members are safe & healthy other than completely being quarantined?  Well, then you will need to practice good hygiene personally and also with your touchable assets e.g. your car. 

Here are a few things you can do to keep the germs out of your vehicle. Don’t worry, these are simple steps and don’t need any expensive, over the top equipment to keep your car from hosting viruses. These are mere preventive measures that will ensure you and your passengers avoid catching the virus from dirty vehicles.

1.   Effective Use Of Vacuum Cleaner

Chances are your car has seen its worst days – people eating junk food, spilling beverages, smoking cigars, the list is endless. People eat a lot of meals on the go, but they forget what comes after.

Introducing your vacuum cleaner to the car is always a wise decision. Vacuum cleaners are used on your home sofas and carpets then why not in your vehicle. The best part is you probably don’t have to buy anything – you’re just using a simple home cleaning equipment, and you’re good to go.

Don’t own a vacuum then you can use a warehouse vacuum or the local carwash vacuum. Utilizing the vacuum nozzles can help you get in the hard to reach places. Also removing the car mats and then hanging and offering a small beating can help remove all the small particulars settling. 

Person Vacuuming Their Car

2.   Mercy On The Back Seat

There is no way your car’s back seat is not suffering from excess junk thrown, especially when you are traveling long distances – maybe a road trip or long work commutes. When you look back, what you’ll find is coffee cups, empty wrappers, and the worst, GERMS!

Damping junk on your back seat makes your car home for viruses and bacteria, and trust us, you don’t want that. It’s time you clean every piece of trash lying on the backseat because unless you do that, bacteria will keep circulating there.

To help avoid a stockpile of trash we recommend keeping a grocery bag in the glove compartment. You can hang this bag around the glove compartment or certain console for quick throw away access. 

Grocery Store Car Trash Bag

3.   Stock Up On Disinfectant Wipes

Having enough ammonia/alcohol-based disinfectant wipes is always a better option to have than the ladder. Disinfectant wipes are easily storable in the glove compartment to the center console. Heck, if you aren’t a wipe guy or girl you can always settle for the disinfectant spray.  Both are very cheap and typically readily available at your nearby stores.

We recommend using the disinfectant on your car’s gear shift, steering wheel, dashboard, car seats, trunk and any other suspicious areas you might find. The point is, if you think you cannot get something out of your car, you might as well kill those germs with a simple wipe or spray. It is an easy and not so time-consuming action you can take for your family’s health.

Disinfectant Products

4.   Let Nature Do The Work For You

Having your car closed and isolated from fresh air and sunlight is not a good thing. You see, the longer, stale and stagnant air stays inside the vehicle, chances of developing bacteria and viruses will always be on the rise. What we want you to do is make sure, you open the windows every once in a while, and let the fresh air come in and run its course. It is an easy step that will always keep your car healthy and definitely will make a huge difference.

As far as the sunlight goes, Vitamin D is always good for health, so first, you need to get rid of the shades. Secondly, the majority of bacteria and viruses cannot survive in the heat. Therefore, you need to get that sunlight shine bright inside the car and do what it does best. When nature can help with something, why not use it at your advantage. People usually get flu in the winter season. Hence, sunlight cannot only keep you from catching a cold, but it can also kill the source. Read more on how Ultraviolet light can kill viruses

If you can’t get some sunlight you can also purchase a UV light wand to offer to disinfect as well. 

Car In The Sun

5.   Behold The Cup Holder

You might as well declare yourself a winner if you have never spilled coffee or soda while you’re driving. It takes a lot of courage and talent, not to spill coffee – it is almost inevitable. Every single drop that falls inside your car is a call for the bacteria and viruses to make it their residence and start spreading. Before you even realize it, your vehicle will be declared a colony of bacteria, and then it will be too late to do anything. People often use cup holders for more than holding their cups – it is used for keeping the keys, putting your sunglasses, makeup, comb, etc.

No need to feel gross, start cleaning it now and make sure you don’t spill it the next time.

Cup Holder

6.   Know Your Passengers

If you know you are picking up a passenger who has the flu make sure you have your and vehicle prepped before picking up the passenger. We recommend having kleenex tissues available, a medical-grade mask to wear yourself and hand sanitizer ready to go. 

As the flu passenger leaves your vehicle take all the precautionary measures mentioned above to prevent the virus from spreading. This is only reasonable that you pay attention to how it can spread and eliminate the threat before it becomes a pain in the rear.

Bottom Line!

All in all, we don’t want you or people you hold dear ever to catch the flu. You’ll find an abundance of advice regarding the Dos and Don’ts of protecting your loved ones online. However, it all comes down to how much you care and how far can you go. We understand that times can get tough which is why we offer affordable monthly payment options, search our used car inventory. Stay safe, Stay healthy – Cheer

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