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How To Get Rid Of Car Odor & Smoke

Let’s face there is probably 0 people on earth who likes a stinky car. As the unpleasantry of sitting in a stinky vehicle could drive you to completely disregard your car and eventually getting rid of a perfectly good car. Not to mention the embarrassment you may feel when you have family or friends in your vehicle. For the most part, cleaning out your vehicle should get rid of the stench, but in some instances, you will need to dig a bit deeper. If you have cleaned your car and can’t figure out what the smell is then you should do the following.

Contact a Reliable Car Mechanic

Mechanic Checking Car For Bad Car Smell Not all smells are created equal! Yep, some may not stink as bad as another but can be way more harmful. For instance, if you’re catching smells of transmission fluid, gasoline or coolant in your car, the whiff may be due to some mechanical breakdown. In this situation, you should bline to the mechanic and get your vehicle inspected. Every so often an air filter malfunction can cause the stink. In this case, we recommend getting to the mechanic asap for a replacement.

Clean the Inside of your Car

Lady with Bad Car Smell Look I know we said to clean your car in the introduction, but ask yourself, did you deep clean? If what you are smelling does not smell like a mechanical problem then you may have some food rubbish somewhere in the deep crevice of the vehicle. We recommend looking for any food wrappers and sandwich bags below the seats, in between the car seats, under the car seats, on the car dashboard, or even in the trunk. Once located you should dispose of it in a wastebasket. Another culprit to be wary of is work clothes. If you are going to the gym or working outdoors, you need to make sure you remove your garments from the vehicle to avoid them baking overnight in its must.

Vacuum/Shampoo Car’s Carpets

Vaccuming Out Car To Get Rid Of Car Smell Major Key Alert! You have located the smell and have disposed of it, but you still have that stinky smell lingering like an ex. In order to eliminate the smell once and for all, you need to opt for vacuuming your car’s interiors. Get down deep and hit all the interiors, carpets, floor mats, seats, and don’t fail to remember the carpet below the chairs and floor mats. If the smell persists, get a good carpet shampoo and clean all the carpets and seat-covers thoroughly. You can also stop at your neighborhood car wash garage and ask for cleaning your car’s seats and carpets.

Using Baking Soda for Carpets

Baking Soda For Car Cleaning To Get Rid Of Car Smell Okay, okay. You had some seriously stinky sh** in your vehicle, and it is still lingering around. It is time to bust out the Baking soda! Baking soda is the best for taking out the unpleasant odor from carpeting. Baking soda is so good it can even help remove cigarette smoke and pet whiffs. Just shake over and rub the baking soda into the carpet and allow it to settle for some minutes. After that, drain the cigarette ashtray and pour a little quantity of baking soda into the tray. Allot it settle down for some minutes, and then clean and dry it. For liquid drops, shake over baking powder straight onto the spot. Brush off and vacuum once the wetness has been absorbed.

Start with Charcoal

Charcoal To Absorb Bad Smell

Let’s get organic with our cleaning. It’s reported that charcoal and help remove odors! Using charcoal may be worth a try as charcoal is an innate smell-absorber. Open and put down a bag of charcoal in your car during the night to help eliminate bad smells. You could even try putting a small cup of charcoal in a cup holder, so you are not lugging around a big bag of it. Just be careful that you don’t buy any charcoal that is presoaked with fluid (not good).


Infuse Some High-quality Smell

Mister For To Get Rid Of Bad Car Smell Can’t beat it? Then mask it. There is no scarcity of several different kinds of air diffusers or fresheners for your car. You can locate everything from the typical scented sprays, gels to aromatic fresheners to place in your vehicle. Be careful, particularly if you are planning to sell your car, masking a whiff with a strong odor could be the most significant turning point for prospective buyers.



There’s no need to allow bad smells to mess up the time you spend in your car. Utilizing a little effort and regular cleanings, you can maintain your vehicle free of bad smell. Now get out there and become odor-free or never drive, ever.

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