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How Many Miles Are Too Many Miles On A Car?

Getting a job can be a bit difficult, and that shouldn’t stop you from getting a car loan. If you are not currently employed and still looking to get a car loan, then you have come to the right place. 500 Below has all the means to make that happen.

We realize that financing is not something that comes easy, especially when you are on disability, on bad credit, or maybe most of the income is coming from disability funds or social security. But we don’t want you to lose any hope – as we believe, “DIFFICULT DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN IMPOSSIBLE.

Getting a car loan when unemployed

When you are unemployed, you need a car to get to job interviews to increase your chances of getting a job.

When you don’t have any source of income, getting a car loan can be a bit difficult. However, there are many other ways you can get a car loan while being unemployed. All you need to do is show the lender that you have other sources of income to make the payments. If you can do that, there is no way you can’t get a loan.

Getting someone to cosign your loan

The best and perhaps the easiest way to get a loan during unemployment is by getting a co-signer. Having a co-signer puts you in a better position as it shows that there are two people responsible for repaying the loan. This can obviate the problem of not having a regular income.

However, the co-signer will have sufficient credit and income to pay the loan, and your success will impact their credit, and so will your failure. So always make sure you pay your payments on time.

Cosigning a loan makes the loan application attractive for the lender, and lenders are more inclined towards giving you better and favorable terms such as a low rate of interest, lower fees, and better flexibility.

People need a cosigner when they are incapable of applying for a loan alone. You can one of those people and desperately need a cosigner. There can be many reasons for that, such as bad credit history, inadequate monthly income, or lack of credit history.

Non-Taxable income

  • Social Security Disability
  • Alimony
  • Social Security
  • Child Support

These are some of the non-taxable incomes that come along with the regular income, generally on a monthly basis. These sources of income can influence the loan decision to be in your favor giving the assurance that you are capable of making timely payments.

What other types of income sources need to be considered?

As we have already established that you don’t have regular PAYG sources of income, but what most people fail to realize is that there are other sources of income that are viable and can help them get a car loan.

It’s time for you to start thinking outside the box and identify means to show proof of alternate income.

You might be a freelancer working from home, which can also count as a viable income. Make a record of your freelance income by showing your bank statements, incoming transactions, and eBay invoices.

You can also have a rental income or making a room available for rent at your property, also called automatic income. Any regular source of income you have can increase your chances of getting a loan.

About to start a new job, can I get an auto loan?

If you are about to start your new job, then you must have the employment contract, and your date of joining has also been arranged. Some lenders do give loans on the basis of the employment contract. The employment contract is proof of regular payment in the future. There are two conditions, however, that you need to meet in order to approve for the loan:

  • There must be at least a one-month gap between your current and previous job
  • Your new job is in a similar industry as your last job

Best case scenario, if you have passed through your probation period, then there is no way you shouldn’t qualify for a loan.

Applying for an unemployment car loan

If you have decided to apply for an auto loan, we suggest opting for a cosigner or borrower. Get one of your family members, a relative, or a close friend to cosign the loan for you so that the procedure can go smoothly.

If you have other sources of income like the ones we mentioned above, bring us the documents that can prove that, and we will make sure you get approved for a car loan right away.

How 500 Below Cars handles it

We have thousands of customers who got approved for a car loan while they were unemployed. Yes, having a steady source of income is always a plus, but if you are currently not employed and looking to buy a car, we can help you.

Schedule an appointment with us so that we can work together and figure out alternate means and navigate all possible options that can help you get a loan. We can talk to your family members if they want to cosign for you, find other possible means of showing your income. In short, when you contact 500 Below Cars, you never leave disappointed. 

High Mileage Cars

To be honest, there is no one clear answer to this question. But if you consider 15,000 miles a year as an average the rule of thumb, you can make an educated decision when deciding to buy a used car. When shopping around for used vehicles, you need to keep in mind how many miles you might be driving in one year.

For example, if you are offered a car that is two years old and has been driven more than 50,000 miles or 90,000 miles in four years, you should take a detailed look if the vehicle has been maintained regularly as it can be a great car. But if the vehicle has not undergone any kind of maintenance, then these cars are scraps, and you should leave them as it may.

Pro & Cons of High Mileage Cars

Looking to buy a used vehicle? Then you need to be familiar with the pros and cons of that car. It is essential that you know absolutely everything the car has to offer to you and what you should be expecting from it.

Consumers across the United States have stopped buying cars thinking that this is a cost-effective option for them. Consumers now have begun to start hanging on to their old cars in the effort to increase their mileage to improve their vehicle’s performance.

But the question is, is it worth it? Take it from us; having a high mileage car has its own pros and cons.


Save money

It is cheaper to get an old car insured than a new one as there is no car payment involved.


If your car has high mileage, then it is more likely, you have an older car model, and studies have shown that cars that are manufactured today don’t survive the test of time. Older model cars lasted longer and hence, didn’t provide poor performance with minor damages.


Maintenance Cost

Having an old car also has its own disadvantages, and one of the biggest is having to maintain it, fix the damages, and consistent maintenance. This can be very expensive considering, as time progresses, the cost gets bigger.

Safety Features

As the car grows old and has higher mileage, none of the features that are available in cars of today would be available in your current car. Features such as backup cameras, sensors, auto-drive would not be available.

500 Below Cars believe in service transparency about the mileage of our cars to show our valued clients that they have chosen the best service they could possibly imagine.

Maintaining high mileage cars

Driving a car with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer is a massive achievement for sure. But if you were planning and determined to go even further, here is a checklist of all the tasks that will make the maintenance and repair problem-free and keep your vehicle in good condition.

1. Make sure you clean your backup camera every month at least

2. Frequently check your tire pressure

3. Checking the oil level every month

4. Checking the coolant level

5. After every 3000 miles, check your oil filters if they need to be changed

6. Check the fluidity level of the washer

7. Add fuel injector cleaner

8. After every six months checking the fluid level of the power steering

9. If you want to extend the life of your paint and prevent any kind of rust from taking place, use car wax or get car waxing service from a trusted service provider.

10. After every 5,000 miles, if you have a transmission manual then adjust the clutch

11. After 10,000 miles rotate the tires and inspect the belts

12. Inspect the clamps and hoses

13. Clean the battery connections

14. Back-flush the radiator from the side of the engine with the hose of the garden

15. Buff the assembly of the headlight for better visibility maintenance.

16. Replace the air filters of the cabin

17. Replace the spark plugs

18. Replace the rotor and the distributor cap

19. Get the transmission fluid changed

20. Replace the PCV valve

21. Get the throttle body replaced

How to make your car last 200,000 miles

A few decades back, it would have been impossible to get your car, go beyond the 200,000-mile mark. However, recently, there have been some significant developments in the powertrain tech, lubricant, and rust prevention that have led to improvements in the durability and reliability of the car. It is possible now to get your car in the six-figure territory.

Buying a reliable model

The first thing you need to make sure if you want your car to last long, buy a reliable model in the first place. Getting a high mileage car from a trusted dealer is a must when you want to make a one-time investment. Whether you’re buying a used car or a new one, make sure the dealer sets you up with a vehicle that can give you more than its value for money.

Sticking to Schedule

Another thing that you need to be very strict about is keeping a consistent maintenance schedule. The life of your vehicle is only as good as your commitment to its successful vehicle history. Take time out of your schedule, at least once a weak, and check all the parts for any abnormalities to keep the vehicle in good shape.

Don’t Skimp on any parts

Just to save a few bucks, don’t put your car through the worst automobile parts. It is crucial that you get the best parts installed as they will give you better returns on your investment.

At 500 Below Cars, we make sure all our vehicles are in their best possible shape. Many car dealers often sell their cars under major brand names with the worst parts installed. We provide our customers with a Carfax Report. The report will provide you with every single detail on when was the vehicle first owned, how many people have owned it, and what accidents have taken place in the past. Don’t believe us? Come into one of our locations for a test drive and see for yourself.

500Below – Best Car Dealership

500Below is not just any other car service in the industry. We are reinventing the process of car purchasing. Don’t worry about your car’s mileage. We offer an unlimited mile warranty to all our clients.

All our products are internally lubricated, and all the internal shafts are well-maintained to make sure you never have to worry about anything while driving. Our vehicles are equipped with both automatic and manual transmission capability. We also deal in the hybrid assembly of cars so that you have the best performance experience.

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