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Helpful Car Buying Tips

Buying your own car is one of the most memorable moments in life. Getting a car with the money you’ve saved for years is a dream for many. However, regardless of how amazing the feeling may be, buying a car can also be a very daunting experience.

Getting a car is either the biggest or at least the second biggest purchase for most people in their lives. So, there should be no surprise that you should consider all your options to make an intelligent and informed decision. However, 500BelowCars has helped thousands of its customers in buying the car of their dreams without breaking their financial status. Our experts have made a list of tips that you can help you buy the car you’ve always wanted.

1: Budget and Car Model

The first thing that you need to do before buying a car is to determine how big your budget is, more specifically, search the cars that are available at that budget.

One of the biggest mistakes people make before purchasing a car is that they overspend and then regret spending too much money. You need to understand that buying a car shouldn’t push you into a financial crisis, so make sure you buy a car when you have separated out the money you need for other important things.

At 500 Below Cars, we understand people are analyzing their monthly budgets when purchasing a vehicle. This is why we break our vehicle selection into clear concise monthly payments $300, $400, $500 a month vehicles. 

2: Research 

Once you have searched all the vehicles falling under your budget, you need to make the final choice on a vehicle. Don’t make a purchase based on emotions. Rather, ask yourself, what am I looking for in a car? What does the refueling cost? How much maintenance am I looking at? Compare the answers to these questions will all the other car choices, and you would soon have the answer.

3: Shop Around

Unless there is an emergency, take your time and shop around at different vendors for the car. Different vendors have different prices depending upon their location. Whenever you shop for a car, you need to make sure that you look for the average price of vehicles. Don’t just depend on the online prices as some dealerships do not regularly update their online prices. 

4: Make a List

It is important that you make a list of vehicles you want to buy and then meet the seller or car dealership in-person to inspect the car. When you make a list, you can always ask around for their details, and the vendors will also understand what you are looking for and what your budget might be.

Here are some of the filters that you can use to search for a vehicle: color, mileage, price, model year, etc. This information can have a significant impact on the price of the car.

5: Used Cars

It is a huge misconception among people who think that used cars are of no good and they are not smart purchases. The reality is used cars often are great purchases, especially when you are buying your first car. Buying a used car also comes with the experience of the previous owner who can tell you all about what you need to look for and what are the most impressive features of the car. At 500 Below Cars we offer a carfax report that lets you know everything about the vehicle. 

One of the biggest advantages of buying a used car is that you have more choices for better cars overall. You can easily get the car of your dreams under your budget. Remember, used cars are not always sold because they are defective or something wrong with them. They are typically sold because the previous owners are looking to move on to another vehicle that meets their needs. 

6: Car Inspection

Don’t take anyone’s word for the car you are buying. Always check the car out yourself.  Even better is to have the vehicle inspected by a trustworthy mechanic. Having an expert by your side to check your car is always a plus point – it’s like getting your car x-rayed.

If you are an expert yourself, then without any hesitation, carry out a detailed inspection. Be on the lookout for any noise coming from the car, especially from the engine. Also, check for any accident dents, rusts, rough body paint, tire condition, suspension, etc.

All of 500 Below Cars vehicles pass a thorough 80-point inspection.  

7: Test Drive

Test drives are important. Putting everything else on the sideline, a test drive will tell you exactly what’s right and wrong with the vehicle.  The car may not have any technical faults, but the feel is just not right, and there is a possibility that you are not happy with the drive. It is recommended that you drive almost 3-5 miles before making up your mind.

8: Documents

This is the last step before you make the final purchase. Check the documents and look for the previous owner details, the car number, registration details, and if there is any discrepancy, immediately end the purchase. Make sure the car documents are original and not a copy or a duplicate.

9: Financing Options

If you need a new or old car but don’t have the financial means to make the purchase, then don’t worry at 500BelowCars we offer in-house financing options. Our approval process is simple and based on your job history and current residence. There are no hefty or complex processes involved in-between. Our only aim to make sure you get the car you want in no time.


Getting a car should not be difficult for anyone; this is what we believe at 500BelowCars. If you have a car in your mind, feel free to contact us, and we’ll get you the best deals that you simply will not be able to resist.

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