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When looking to purchase a car with a low monthly payment you typically believe you need stellar credit. However, despite popular belief, there are some dealerships like 500 Below Cars that offer affordable monthly car payments no matter how misunderstood your credit may be.  We urge customers to not be scared of buying a vehicle from a dealership as they can offer a lot of benefits. For instance, when buying from a dealership you typically have a warranty, a reputable salesman, and a quick buying process.  

In the US there definitely is no shortage of car dealerships. If you find yourself having trouble finding a car dealership, then simply type “car dealership near me” in google and you’ll find one quickly.  In our professional opinion, the harder thing to find is a car dealership that is willing to work with misunderstood credit. We are sure people can find car dealerships with several different programs that you can choose to buy your dream car from. But, how do you decide to choose the one that’d work for you? Below we breakdown what can make a dealership offering cheap monthly payments stand out from the crowd by breaking down what 500 Below Cars currently offers.

500 Below Cars Offers

Low Monthly Payment Options

So you are looking for an affordable monthly car payment despite your credit situation. Here at 500 Below Cars, we understand people can have misunderstood credit and shouldn’t be punished for things out of their control. This is why we have structured our business model around transparent pricing! All of our cars come at one of three simple price points – $300$400, or $500 – and the price you see is the price you pay each month. Seriously, you pick the monthly payment that works for you, and that is what you pay.  Seriously, no need to even read any further we offer some of the easiest to understand pricing in the industry. You can check out our inventory by the monthly price with the buttons below. 

Low-Down Payment Options

Besides the monthly payment, people are looking heavily at the down payment as we all know those down payments can strain your pocket. These larger-than-life payments can put your financial condition at stake because these tend to affect your financial status in the long run. Regardless, when buying a car, making down payments are mandatory. In case you’re only a down-payment away from buying a smooth ride back home, 500 below cars have just the down payment special deal you can need.

At 500 below cars, our goal is to make car buying absolutely affordable for you. To comply with this, we offer our qualified customers a chance to make a $500 Down payment. This is by far the lowest down payment we have ever offered to our customers, so you better hurry as this is a limited time offer – this offer is only for a selected few vehicles.

Pricing Your Vehicle

Even when you sell one of your used cars, at 500 below cars – you get a fair value on your vehicles. Our knowledge in the field is extensive because we have long been associated with buying used cars for decades. We have an appraisal team of our own and acknowledge appraisal from any of the other appraisal teams too. If you want, you can bring in an appraisal report of your own. If not, these are the factors we consider to determine your vehicle’s price:

  • Your vehicle’s make, model, mileage, and color.
  • Your vehicle’s overall condition.
  • The Market’s price.
  • Market resources, for example, Carfax or any black book.

Worry-Free Purchase Guarantee

One of our deals we take pride in is our worry-free purchase guarantee. From providing you with a 12 month – unlimited mile warranty to inspecting your vehicle’s engines – we dive into the very basics to help you buy your dream car for you. Our worry-free purchase guarantee includes automatic transmission, manual transmission, and hybrid components – so that purchasing a car becomes a walk in the park for you. 

Win a Cash Back on a Friend Referral

Remember when we said, at 500 below cars, we are making buying your dream car a smooth process? Well, to us, our customers are at the heart of our services. We aspire to maintain long-term ties with you, and for this, our deals leave no stone unturned. That said, one such deal is the cashback you get to win on a friend referral. The idea is, every time you refer us to your friends, and they buy their dream car from us, you receive $200 in return. Not only that but also, we have made buying a car quite affordable for your friend as well. For example, through our monthly car payment deals – they would buy their dream car by paying $300 to $500 monthly – depending on the vehicle they purchase.

An Effortless Trading Option

Do you want to trade your car but don’t know how? Have you been looking for a trade-in offer that’d provide you with a fair value for your vehicle trade-in? At 500 below cars, we have just the deals that would cater to you perfectly. We have a large collection of cars, trucks, and SUVs – our price range is specially tailored for you, so you get to purchase a brand-new car, replacing an old one with the better one. All in all, at 500 below cars, our trade-in process is quite straightforward, cost-efficient, and doesn’t consume much of your time.

Also, our value-added trade-in opportunity will ensure not to put a dent in your financial condition – something no one would want when it comes to investing quite a substantial amount of their hard-earned money on a car that provides them nothing but worry in the long run.

On the other hand, we handle all the paperwork quite proficiently. That is, our trained professionals make the process of buying and handling of the car process’s simplistic, prompt, and equally efficient.

Sell Your Car to Us

500 below cars would make selling your car a lot easier. We are keeping the process of selling your car less time-consuming. The idea is, when considering selling a car and starting the process right from scratch, you can find the overall process quite troublesome. From advertising all the listing, cleaning to finding the details about the vehicle you want to buy, you never know how it can trouble you.

So, when you consider 500 below cars as your car selling dealers, you get to save time, energy, and a truck-load of efforts. Our professional dealers would study your car and will come up with a tailored deal for you. By walking into our stores, you’ll have your car evaluated and studied thoroughly. They’ll study the engines – the exterior and interior of your car and will work the deal for you that’d sell your car.

Bottom Line

All in all, 500 below cars, we are making buying your dream car a hassle-free process. Our deals have everything – low down payments, low monthly payments, industry-leading warranties, friendly service, referral programs and so much more. Our payment methods are simple and straightforward. Doesn’t tire you out, and the best part – we have the stores you can easily walk into to inspect the car you’d be buying.

There you have it, the deals you need to help you buy your dream car. Use it to your advantage and find buying a car a hassle-free investment from now on, using 500 below cars to your advantage.

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