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Buying a Used Car from a Private Seller

When purchasing a car, the biggest question is whether to go for a brand-new car or a used car. As much as all of us love the idea of driving brand-new automobiles, it is not always the perfect option. Smart buyers will often go for used cars.

It is because buying a used car comes with numerous benefits compared to a new car. When examining purchasing a brand-new vehicle to a used car, you will quickly realize the top benefit is saving a handsome amount of money. Unlike new cars, the used cars have already faced the massive first-year depreciation. Moreover, any customization upgrades for used cars is far lower than that of new cars. Used vehicles typically require lower insurance premiums, and even the annual registration fee is lower than that of a new car.

Now that you have decided to purchase a used car, you need to decide whether to go for a car dealership or search for a private seller. It is a tough choice, as both these options have their benefits and drawbacks.

What to consider when deciding to buy from a dealer or private seller

To make the right decision, you must consider all the factors of differences between a dealer and a private seller.

Vehicle Selection

The first factor to consider is the vehicle selection. Whether you are looking for a used car or a brand-new model, a car dealership offers a wide range of vehicles. Not only do these dealerships provide a lot of options, but they also offer a variety of upgrades. One of the biggest problems in the case of private sellers is to locate a seller selling off the model you need/desire.

The Price

The next important factor is the price. When talking about the price, it is typically easier to find a car in your budget at the dealership as compared to a private seller. You can see this true in Buy Here, Pay Here lots who typically sell vehicles more off monthly price than total value. If you are stuck in a monthly budget, then you may want to check out 500 Below Cars. Not to mention a car dealership also offers a wide variety of cars, making finding the perfect vehicle in your budget easy.

On the other hand, a private seller typically is trying to make the most money by selling off his/her car. Sometimes you can find some people trying to move a car below value, but this is rare as dealerships typically buy up the majority of the deals. You can try Facebook Marketplace, but you may experience the monotony of talking to numerous different sellers vs just talking to one dealership.

The Condition

When you purchase a car from a dealership, you are confident that the car you are buying is a high-quality vehicle. Manufacturer’s warranty covers all the new cars while all the used cars are typically certified pre-owned. At a dealership, you will get top-quality cars. In the case of a private seller, you get a vehicle in the as-is condition with no warranty. Which means you are not entirely sure of the mechanical status of the car. It might look spot-less from its exterior, but you do not know where you end up. In the worst case, you might end up purchasing a car that requires regular repair work. If you have credit issues and need to buy a vehicle with a warranty, we recommend checking out 500 Below cars 6-month warranty program.

Payment Options

Car dealerships offer various types of payment options. The availability of different payment options helps a buyer choose the option that suits their financial condition perfectly. In-house financing and leasing are the two payment options that car dealerships typically offer. These options will help you stay away from bank financing. You can check out 500 Below Cars’ unique payment options where you pick your monthly payment.

If you do not want to opt for the in-house financing or leasing, you can quickly get a bank loan when purchasing a car from a dealer. When buying a car from a private seller, there is typically only one payment option, and that is a full in-cash payment. It is not easy to save an amount enough to pay for a car in full-price. Therefore, when you plan to buy a car from a private seller, make sure you have enough savings. You will also want to make sure you want to have some saved away for a rainy day fund in case anything happens to the vehicle.


Car dealerships have a reputation to maintain. If a car dealer sells off a faulty car, it may completely ruin its reputation. When buying a car from the dealership, a car dealer will try its best to satisfy you.

In some cases, the buyers may get a manufacturer’s warranty from a dealership. Typically all the pre-owned cars at dealerships are certified and checked thoroughly. A private seller provides no such guarantees. Once you pay for it, you are stuck with it.

These are the significant differences between purchasing a car from a well-reputed car dealership and a private seller. If you still consider purchasing a vehicle from a private seller, you could potentially save money know it does come with its risk.

Things to do when buying from a private seller

Here are some tips that will help you in effectively dealing with private sellers.

Never proceed without research

Searching an authentic private seller is not the most straightforward task. It is difficult to find a private seller that is selling the model you are looking for in your set budget. The most crucial step is to research the market before you choose a private seller thoroughly. Meet different sellers, and do your homework to get yourself a good deal.

Do not forget to ask these questions

When you have found the perfect private seller for you, it is essential that you ask them the following questions.

  • Ask them if they are the original owners of the car?
  • If there are aby liens on the car?
  • If there have been any previous accidents?
  • If there have been any significant repairs?
  • Why are they selling their car?

Answers to these questions will help you understand if the seller is genuine or not.

Test-Drive and inspection

Taking the car, you wish to buy, for a test-drive is an essential step. Make sure you take it for a long test-drive to evaluate the performance. It is best to bring along a professional with you who can evaluate the car in a better way. They can also inspect the car and notify you of the possible repairing work that is required!

A car is the second most expensive thing you buy. It comes right after a house. Make sure you invest in the right place. Thoroughly consider all your options and make the right choice, keeping in mind your finances and all other factors!

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