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Best Used Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are not just environment-friendly but are also exceptionally luxurious to have. If there was ever a time to buy a hybrid car, it’s now. Buying the latest and greatest is all well and good, but we don’t want you to have an empty bank account after the purchase. Even with all the features and benefits, a regular hybrid can be more expensive than a conventional diesel car, and truth be told, the high cost is hard to justify. If you are looking to switch to a hybrid lifestyle and are not looking to break the bank on a purchase then looking a used hybrid may be more suitable. Here is a list of all the best used hybrid cars that you can get in 2020.

1. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

It seems quite obvious to blend city-friendly zero-emissions local driving with diminutive supermini dimensions, and yet there is only one true hybrid that does this. Surprisingly that surprise comes from Toyota. The Toyota Yaris Hybird is a fun-sized car that is popular all over the world. This hybrid model resembles more to the original Prius self-charging hybrid but with an added benefit of improved tech and battery performance.

The Toyota Yaris is a fantastic car with an exceptionally easy drive that also gives you a robust feel. The car also has a futuristic interior that suits the transition you’d be making hybrid instrumentation.

Toyota Yaris Hybird
Toyota Yaris Hybird

2.   Toyota Prius

How can we talk about the best hybrid cars and not talk about the Prius? It is arguably one of the best and most affordable hybrid cars on the market. Yes, there are minor setbacks regarding the technology which might not be up to the same standards as other hybrids. However, the price of this car makes up for all that.

This is a family car that doesn’t offer the thrills but fulfill the needs of comfort and soothing rides. If you are looking to move into the later models, there might be something better for you. All in all, the Prius is not the best, but it’s definitely benefiting the environment.

Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius – Photo Credit Card & Driver

3. Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo is a popular choice among people looking to buy a secondhand hybrid vehicle. The hybrid version of the Ford Mondeo has been in the market since 2014, and now many hybrid enthusiasts are after it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a big seller, so there isn’t a massive choice, and you may have to travel a bit to find one.

This car is not the most fuel-efficient compared to other hybrids, either, but this is still a well equipped and spacious family car offering decent performance and good reliability.

Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo

4. 2011 Chevrolet Volt

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt is one of the most efficient mid-sized cars available with a manageable electric-only range and gasoline engine as a backup. This car might have a limited seating capacity but has the right aesthetic appeal for a luxurious look.

When the car launched in 2011, it was recommended by critics as one of the best hybrids buys due to its extended-range powertrain allowing the user to take short rides on electric energy, while the gas engine quells worries about running out of juice. Last but not least, the Chevrolet Volt is the perfect family car that ranks high in terms of safety compared to other vehicles.

2011 Chevrolet Volt
2011 Chevrolet Volt

5. VW Golf GTE

If you are looking for the perfect family car, there are not many choices better than the VW Golf GTE. This is a plug-in hybrid with a combined power output of 200hp from a 1.4-liter TSI engine but keeps some of the sharp handlings and if anything, an even more planted feel thanks to the extra kilos tucked under the rear seat.

The Golf GTE is one of Volkswagen’s iconic vehicles that has everything you need in a budget-friendly hybrid vehicle. Volkswagen got is so right that it wasn’t long before demand outstripped supply; cynics might have noticed that the technically similar Audi A3 e-Tron continued to be available, with a suitably higher price-tag.


6. 2010 Mercury Milan

This car has excellent fuel economy and ranks in the list of best midsize cars. The Milan hybrid is known for its exceptional amount of space, upscale cabin, and impressive dynamics that make the driving experience nothing less than luxurious.

Other than its exceptional economy, one of the main selling points of this ride is the driving experience. It doesn’t drive like a hybrid and that it offers all the practicality that sedan shoppers are looking for. When it came out in 2010 majority of the test drivers were impressed with Milan’s powertrain when it was new, saying it was quicker than many four-cylinder gas-only competitors.

2010 Mercury Milan Hybird
2010 Mercury Milan Hybird

7. Toyota Avalon

The number of Toyotas in this list shows how many used cars of the brand are still high in demand. The Avalon is one of the industry-leading hybrid cars since 2014. Some of the notable features of this vehicle are its roomy interior and low ownership cost. This hybrid is not mainly known for its performance. However, it fits the bill as an eco-friendly cruiser and adequate acceleration. The hybrid Avalon boasts a comfortable ride quality and stable, if unengaging, handling.

Toyota Avalon
Toyota Avalon – Photo Credit CarAndDriver


There you have it, the best of the best used hybrid cars you should buy in 2020. These rides are worth every penny and will maintain a high standard for you to stand-out everywhere. If you are looking for an exceptional ride for yourself, then contact us at 500 Below Cars. We can definitely make your dream a reality for you. With a wide selection of some of the best used cars at our disposal, we make sure you always get what you want at the right price. 


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