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Best Car Gifts For Dad On Father’s Day

Father’s day is perhaps the most under-appreciated holiday of the year. It celebrates one of the coolest people on earth, our fathers and it’s time to celebrate this day with something special. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have some of the best car gifts ideas that will definitely put a smile on your dad’s face.

Let’s brainstorm a little shall we? What do dads love more than their families? Hmm, I’d say their vehicle. So if you want to pay homage to all he has done for you, we have some of the best ideas that your father would definitely appreciate.

Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount

Do you know that 9 out of 10 men have a really bad habit of using their cellphones while driving? And you know that’s not safe. Get your father a Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount that will hold any cellphone easily giving your dad an extra layer of security.

Dashboard Car magnet

Muscle Car Bottle Opener

If you want a low-key gift for your dad that is also not very expensive, then get him this Muscle Car Bottle Opener. Trust us, your father will be so happy to know that he will never have to look for a bottle opener ever again.

Sports Car Bottle Opener

Vintage signs

The automotive decor is essential for any garage or workshop. Without a few vintage signs here and there, things just seem incomplete. Garages are often considered as man caves for dads so why not make them better.

Vintage Automotive Signs

Dash Cam

If your father is a frequent traveler, then why not get him something that will be recording anything and everything he comes across. A simple application on the phone will allow him to save all his recordings on the phone and just share it anywhere. Take a look at some dash cams you can get your father. 

Car Dash Cams


Automotive window film

Do you want your father to be all warm and comfortable while driving in winters? These automotive films will ensure no heat goes through the doors of the vehicle giving your father a comfortable and easy ride anywhere.

Automotive Window Film


Bluclik is a Bluetooth device that allows you to get control of your music system right from your steering wheel. Now your dad can put on his favorite music without taking his eye off the road.


Attachable RoadCam

Claiming car insurance can sometimes be a lot of pain as you don’t have enough evidence to tell it was not your fault in the first place. This attachable road camera will not allow capture of the details of an accident bit will also allow any hilarious moment to be captured as well.

Attachable Road Cam

Gear truck tent

This gift is for all those dads who love camping. This durable and simple tent will help your dad get rid of the damp grounds and still have an amazing time outdoors.

Gear Truck Tent

Travel Pillow

Ok, our dads are not young anymore and you need to take matters into your hand when it comes to their comfort. Get them the travel pillow that can help them avoid any neck pains on a long journey. Nothing says I care about you then a soft and comfortable pillow.

Travel Pillows

Premium Bike Rack

If your father tries to remain fit and healthy and loves cycling, then get him this bike rack and just see the happiness on his face. Cycling is fun but not when you have to carry it all the way to a smooth road. A premium bike rack is a gift that has plenty of returns in the future.

Premium Bike Rack

Racing Car Day

If your father is into fast track formula cars and loves speed, then don’t wait much and get him a voucher to spend a day at the tracks with the pros. We guarantee this day will be one of the most memorable ones in his entire life. Get your day a race car day experience now!

Race Day Experience

Automotive Floor Mats

If your father is someone who loves cars, then he definitely loves to take care of his car and keep the ride in shape. Automotive floor mats might seem like an underwhelming gift for someone but to a true car enthusiast, it’s the perfect gift worthy of any amount. These mats can also be made to order so you can have them made custom for any car you want.

Automotive Floor Mats

A 3-Wheeler Motorcycle

Time to take out the big guns. If you truly want to turn the heads of your loved ones, you need to make their jaws drop and that is only possible when you buy a three-wheeled motorcycle for them. This is the kind of gift that separates a good gift from a special gift.

3 Wheeler Motorcycle

Car Driving Shoes

Most people don’t know but driving shoes are a real deal. Driving shoes are a key part of the driving experience. These shoes are mostly made out of leather, providing enough grip and comfort to the driver reducing the chances of any error while driving.

Car Drivign Shoes

Car Driving Gloves

Just like driving shoes, driving gloves are also an important element that can make a good driving experience into great. A pair of nice leather gloves ensure that your hands are never dirty, they don’t slip and always smell good.

Car Driving Gloves

Sweaters and Pullovers

Sweaters and pullovers are something that everyone loves and you simply cannot go wrong with them. It’s like giving someone a warm hug forever. Their real value is when you are driving on a cold winter night and all you have is a gift given by a beloved one.

Mens Sweaters & Pullovers

The Bottom Line!

Father’s day is a special day in the calendar year. It is a day that celebrates the hard work, efforts of our fathers. It is a day to appreciate all that has been done for us by the unsung hero of our lives. Choose one of these special gifts for your dad and make it memorable for them.

If your father is in the market for a car then check out our current vehicle inventory. You can also come to see us at any of our car locations in Houston, Woodlands/Spring, and Pasadena. 

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