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Bad Credit Or Just Misunderstood?

We live in an era where Uber, Lyft, and others have changed the way we get from one place to another.  In some cities, public transportation is very accessible and reliable (although maybe a little scary at THIS point-in-time…).  While these options are great for some, for us Houstonians, this may not work.

According to a 2019 study by WalletHub, Houston ranked in the bottom third of cities (68th out of 100) with the best public transportation.  They graded three different “Accessibility & Convenience”, “Safety & Reliability” and “Public Transit Resources”. 

Another thing to think thru is how much time I will be spending in my vehicle.  According to a 2019 article in Business Insider, Houstonian’s average commute was 29.9 minutes to work which is one of the longest commute times of many medium to large cities. 

So…What does this mean?  I need a vehicle to get me where I need to go (due to lack of public transportation) and I will need a vehicle that I like (due to the long commutes and time in the vehicle).

Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, maybe not.

Trying to buy a car is not on many people’s list of things they want to do.  First, it is not fun.  Car lots can be very intimidating and it can feel like it is a battle of wills between the buyer and the seller (and I won’t even mention the “art” of haggling).  Second, it can be a very expensive purchase.  When you google “biggest life purchases”, buying a car ranks right up there.  Third, how do I pay for it?  Do I have enough cash to pay for it outright?  Should I finance it?  What if my credit doesn’t allow me to finance it?

Buying A Car From 500 Below Cars

Luckily, there is a growing company based in Houston, Tx that can help you with the concerns listed above.  At 500 Below Cars, they understand your concerns and are able to help you overcome them and assist in getting you a vehicle that solves your problems.  500 Below Cars is the EASIEST way to own a car.

  • Intimidated by the process? The Ride Guides at 500 Below Cars are there to help you find the car that fits your budget.
  • Credit not as good as you wished (maybe a bit Misunderstood as some say)? 500 Below Cars offers In-house financing and No credit needed options.
  • Have a budget in mind? 500 Below Cars have “Pick your Monthly Payment” options to help you stay in the budget that makes sense for you and your family.
  • Want a good selection to choose from? Currently, with 3 used car dealership locations and growing we offer an aggressive car buying strategy, 500 Below Cars have a wide selection in each monthly payment option to help support wherever you are in your lifecycle. 

500 Below Cars believe in treating you with Respect, Dignity, Transparency, and focusing on the Service to back them up. 

If you or someone you know, needs a new vehicle but isn’t sure if your “Misunderstood Credit” will get you what you want (or need), we highly recommend either visiting one of their convenient locations or check out their website at www.500belowcars.com to start your car-buying journey.  It’s the EASIEST way to own a car.

500 Below Cars Innovation

At 500 Below cars, we’re reinventing the car buying process. Instead of worrying about your credit score or calculating monthly payments based on estimated interest rates and loan terms to figure out how much you can afford, 500 Below Cars offers you a simple, transparent, and easy way to get into a car that you love.  If you know much you can afford each month, you can choose from any number of cars on our lot at that price point – it’s that easy! Best of all, we provide flexible financing and have the flexibility to work with you to get you in a great car at a reasonable price.

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